Logistic cooperation

Thanks to regular cooperation over many years with the biggest transport companies our Gabona wholesale company guarantees fast, safe and cheap deliveries to everywhere in in the world.

We ensure professional support in customs processing and formalities concerning shipment of goods outside European Union. We send all kinds of packages – from small up to 30 kg, through to pallets and full truck loads. Over many years we have built up contracts of cooperation with privileged conditions with such companies as Raben, GLS and SUUS. If customers prefer there is also the possibility of collecting the orders with your own means of transport, if this is more suitable or cost-effective solution.


Cooperation with leading transport companies enables us to deliver the ordered goods in a safe and prompt way anywhere in the world. Our packages and pallets are being sent not only to recipients from Europe (Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain and Spain among others), but also North America (Canada and US), South America (Brazil) and Asia (China).


All parcels are professionally packed and protected. This protects products from damage or theft. Regardless of whether it is a parcel or a pallet, they are always treated the same way – protected with black film and company tape, which guarantees the safety of the most valuable orders. Additionally, every transport is insured against accident, theft or other unforeseen events. Prior to shipment customers receive photographs and information about the dimensions and weight of the package. Thanks to this, upon receipt of the package it is easy to assess whether it has arrived in the same condition as it was sent. In case of any doubts, you can draw up a damage protocol, which for us (if there are any damages or missing goods) is the basis for financial compensation. The customer immediately receives a cancellation invoice, which may be used on the next order, or money is returned immediately.